Let’s talk money dirty.

We’ve been led to believe that money is a dirty word. But, that’s just big business trying to keep us in the dark. I show people how to look out for themselves, and generate the results to match.


Hi, I’m Stephen Libman. 
My mission is to shatter the illusions about money, in order to break its hold on people, so they can have more.


Break the hold money has on you. Live the life you want.

You’re going to stay where you are, or you’ll be on the path toward changing your life. Either way, you’re making a decision. Money needs to be viewed as nothing more than a tool. When we see it that way, we can build whatever we want.


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Thank you for your time, sharing your knowledge, and genuine care for my family!

You have the gift of taking the complicated and often emotional subject of money and wealth and making it relatable, easy to understand, and thought-provoking. I can honestly say this has been life-changing for me and my family. There are so many takeaways that I have from working with you but I think the biggest is that you have shown me that building wealth is in my hands. Whatever situation or opportunity that arises there are always new and expanded ways of looking at it.

Stephen is the wizard…!

I’ve only met a few people in my life that could get me out of my comfort zone. Stephen is that kind of person who can open your eyes and open new horizon so easily and with realistic results. If you are willing to improve and change, Stephen is the wizard that you dream of. Stephen has much expertise to share and teach, all you need are your goals and desires!

Educational, entertaining, and inspiring!

Stephen’s passion while he teaches is palpable. I’m so glad to have learned valuable entreprenuerial lessons from him.

Stephen talks the talk and walks the walk!

Stephen is there to build relationships which set him apart from everyone else. Stephen has a wealth of knowledge and loves sharing it with you! One must be willing to let go and trust in Stephen. You will not be dissappointed.

Brilliant mentor, speaker, investor!

He has in depth and thorough knowledge on the subject and presents it brilliantly with passion and insight. It is an inspiring experience to listen to him present the material.


……unbelievable, unforgettable weekend of learning!

Steve’s precise, methodical and empowering presentation assured me that following the correct mathematical principles, with detailed due diligence and inward elimination of the fear factor is key to success in this business, and that anyone who is committed can succeed.

…awesome individual, super businessman and a good human to mankind!

Stephen is a true professional in every sense of the word. He knows how to ask the right questions, make the right assessment, and provide the spot on solution.


…high energy level and action oriented!

No nonsense approach to building results was highly impacting.


Stephen’s work was a major factor in the company’s success!

I worked with him for two years and was always impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. It would be an honor to work with Stephen again.


In a very short time I have become a big fan!

In my conversations with Stephen, I have found him to be an insightful well of wisdom from which I have drawn.  If you are like me and want to get better every day, you will benefit from Stephen’s experience, tools and resources. 


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