Feedback and comments from event participants.

Vocal Majority or Silent Minority? You decide.

Say 500 people attend an event and 475 of those people are thrilled with the experience. Assuming they all completed a independently-verified survey showing a satisfaction rating of 4,75 out of 5 or put another way, 95%.

What happens next? Well, the above example leaves 25 unsatisfied people. Clearly a “minority” and yet typically those are the people who tell everyone (in person and online) about their negative experience. Granted some may have a legitimate point while others do not. Not everyone will be happy (of course we strive for 100%). What about he 475 attendees who had a positive experience? The majority? Not a word.

Never let anyone steal your dreams because of something they say or write. Check things out for yourself and then decide. Too often people go online to a travel advisory website to look up a local service provider. That provider may have 500 reviews with 475 rating them as excellent, 20 rating them as good, 3 as fair and 2 as poor. Guess which review gets read first? Right! People start with the worst even though it’s just a handful. Often times they will let that one review (out of 500) colour their thinking. Don’t be that person. Be your own person.

The people below have taken the time to share their thoughts. I look forward to proudly adding your soon.

I thank you for all the information, wishing it was years earlier that I had known you.
Faith K.

Surrey, BC

I learned so much. Thank you. Amazing team.I’m glad to be a part of this program.
Lyn T.

Surrey, BC, 2/19/17

Eye opening
Joel T.

Surrey, BC, 2/19/17

Excellent, more strategies + information than I expected.
Charles R.

Surrey, BC, 2/19/17

Loved the seminar this past weekend.
Debra and Kenneth H.

I just want to say “Thank You” for the amazing wealth of knowledge that you so patiently imparted over the 3-day workshop.
Daphne V.

Thanks for a great training workshop…
Gerry H.

Thank you again for an amazing week of training… we learned so much from your style of presentation… very factual, informative and motivating.
Sharon & Tom J.

This has been a great three days. If Adam Smith were alive you would be central to his Wealth of Nations.
Stephen & Marilyn W.


“Thank You” for a wonderful, intensive, and faith-stretching weekend. Blessings for shaking our consumer mindsets and shifting it to investor thinking.
Corey and Yvonne

Thank you for your class and all the one on one chats that were all very positive. We look forward to crossing paths again in the future at an event!

Randy and Sherry, TN

Thank you for your wonderful presentation.
Teresita P.

Thank you for your motivation and knowledge.  I kind of needed a mentor like you to give me that push.  I love your style of teaching and  I’m really looking forward to working with you and your team!
Han H.

You are a pro – you have the gifts – the presence – the techniques – the heart – the knowledge and the experience.
Louise K.

You were a pleasure to learn from and my inspiration to join.  Someday I hope to make it look as easy as you did for me.
April G.

…very thought-provioking, excellent examples…good humour in the right place.
Bill A.

THANK YOU!  You are amazing and truly inspirational.  I am very pumped and excited to start this new business adventure and I feel extremely fortunate to have you on our team!
Lisa R.

Right on Stephen. I hear you and I am there! You make it seem so simple.
Carolyn J.

I did not notice the time passing. You breathed new life into the material.
Andrew B.

Your confidence, relaxed style, smiling and friendly nature and ability to tell a story in a dynamic fashion are your strongest assets.
Rudy B.

Very entertaining, amusing, captivating. How do you remember it all?
Ron H.

A lot of valuable information.
John G.

In 3 short days Mr. Libman taught me so much…I had several breakthroughs.
Richard P.

Well worth the money! I wish we did this years ago.
Patrick F.

You were a pleasure to learn from and my inspiration to join.  Someday I hope to make it look as easy as you did for me.April G.
April G.

Very inspiring and motivating.
Leonard D.

Wonderful, inspiring,positive. Everybody should have heard it.
Irving. W.

Entertaining throughout, interesting stories, well-organized.
Mike S.

I enjoyed your speech tremendously. What a meesage!
Dilip D.

…candid, sincere, and hit all the high marks.
Eric H.

Great ideas! Learned a great deal.
Roberto D.

Presented the material with professionalism and showmanship.
James G.

Thank you for the life-changing experience. I will be a student!
Kathleen G.

We are thankful we have found Mr. Stephen as mentor and and an inspiration to lead on family values.
Camila P.

In 3 short days Mr. Libman taught me so much…I had several breakthroughs.
Richard P.

Well worth the money! I wish we did this years ago.
Patrick F.

Fantastic program. I recommend to anyone…who wants freedom from the rat race.
Mary Jane F.

Very much amazed at what the instructor taught me. He spoke accurately and explained every session making sure we got the total picture.
Ella D.

Stephen is very knowledgable, motivating and encouraging. Makes 9am – 6pm 3-day class go quickly and wish there was a 4th day.
Caroline B.

Very informative, learned a lot!
Peter U.